Communist Canada

Canada, my home country, is in death spiral. I have written several articles about this precipitous decay since the election of Justin Trudeau, a poster boy for neo-Marxism even more laughable and dangerous to his nation than Barack Obama was to his — mainly because the underlying structures of Canadian society and constitutional law are already calibrated to foster progressive despotism, rather than to obstruct it as is the case in the United States.

For the sake of easy reference, particularly for readers who wish to understand the mechanism of a once-free nation’s soft descent into what I like to call “democratic communism,” I collect some of these recent articles for you here. I will add new pieces to the list below as they are posted here in Limbo.

In the meantime, to get you in the mood for this cautionary tale, let me crib from my own work and invite you to a rousing rendition of Canada’s new, more…well, Canada-friendly anthem, sung to the following familiar tune:

Um, Canada,
Our plundered natives’ lands,
True equal pay for all who hold out hands.
Use Marxist words, give no offence,
Choose equal over free!
From far and wide,
To Canada, all cultures over me.
Government give whate’er we need!
Don’t force us to bear the fruit of our seed.
Don’t let us own our lives, because that’s greed.

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