Happy Canada Day, So to Speak

Canada, the nation that brought socialized medicine to North America — i.e., that first crumbled one of freedom’s pillars, the right of self-ownership, in the modern, liberty-engendered New World — and spent the better part of sixteen years under the leadership of a Castro-loving, Maoist-sympathizing progressive pragmatist, Pierre Trudeau, is now governed nationally by a new generation of less pragmatic, more ideologically aggressive socialists.

Its most populous province, Ontario, often called the country’s economic engine, is under a full-scale “fundamental transformation” by ideologues who are only separated from straightforward communism by the convenient awareness that it is no longer necessary to cancel the vote in order to shepherd a somnambulant population into a world of thought police, permanent tribunals, and egalitarian absurdity.

There is no turning back on such a sharp degree of descent. Rock bottom will be reached before any climb back to civilization will be possible. Luckily, any rational men and women left in the nation at that time will have the brilliant example of Canada’s war dead — disproportionately represented on fields of valor throughout the early and mid-twentieth century — to guide the prospective reclamation of the “true North strong and free.”

That future seems a long time away, especially here at Canada’s sesquicentennial, as Canadians get drunk, stare at fireworks, and cheer on bottom-of-the-barrel pop musicians and under-the-barrel CBC “celebrities” to lull themselves into the delusional smugness that has taken the place of a legitimate and earned national pride.

As is typical amid the ruins of progressive authoritarian states, however, one is amazed to find that there are still, somehow, a few people left among Canada’s sparse population who remember what might have been, and have the will, if not the wherewithal or numbers, to fight for it.

To them, and to them alone, I say “Happy Canada Day — so to speak.”

The Shadows of Tyranny Creep as Canada Goes Limp

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