You Are Living Through It

An Orwellian entity called the European Court of Human Rights has declared that duly elected governments which pursue paths of fiscal responsibility and rational restraint with regard to the neo-Marxist demands of climate activists are by definition guilty of violating human rights, such rights now implicitly including the right to have one’s society and economy micromanaged by unfettered climate communists.

In Scotland, it is now a criminal offense simply to make an intellectual argument against a view of “gender” that would have been laughed out of almost every room on almost every university campus on the planet a generation ago, but that has now been reassessed — not by civilizational shift but by government fiat — as a truth so inviolable and unquestionable that literally to question it must henceforth be treated as a violation equivalent to armed robbery or rape.

A small conference billing itself as a gathering of conservatives, and including heads of state and other influential political figures from European nations among its attendees, has been summarily shut down by the police in Belgium, not due to any violence or threats thereof, but for the offense of allowing the open discussion of views which have been judged, by the Brussels government, to be “anti-gay and anti-abortion.” Yes, merely entertaining the case against abortion is now considered, right there at the heart of the European Union, “the far right.” And the mayor, Emir Kir, has issued his official statement: “The far right is not welcome.”

That’s it. “You do not comply with the latest progressive attitudes” now translates into “You are a violent extremist, hater, and human rights violator.” “I don’t agree with you” now translates into “Your voice is not permitted within this jurisdiction.” Beliefs perfectly consistent with those held by most of the world’s major religions, including the religion most closely associated with the development of Western civilization’s defining concepts of “rights” and “equality,” are now branded thought crimes or symptoms of mental illness, and those who express such beliefs are guilty of hate speech and subject to legal punishments and social marginalization. 

For those still slumbering in the good old days of “They would do it here if they could get away with it,” or “They know not what they do,” or “If only they understood where these things lead,” or even the idealistic “Bad policies can be overturned after the next election,” it’s time to wake up. They are doing it. They know what they are doing. They know where it leads, and that is precisely where they want to go. And no election will stop this trend, until there are true statesmen and citizens to understand the causes of such trends, and there cannot be any such statesman until there be such citizens, and there will not be any such citizens until modernity is shaken to its foundations by way of severe trials and hardships the likes of which no one today would be willing to endure, whatever bloviating vanities may spew from those cozy armchair revolutionaries who support and/or kowtow before empty shells like Trump or brutal punks like Putin.

It did happen here — and here is everywhere — and we are living through it. The only question is how one intends to conduct oneself within these inescapable electric fences. As usual, there is only one path to ultimate freedom, but it is the hardest path to choose, for it brings no immediate comfort, honor, fame, or riches, but only unanswerable questions and inconclusive investigations. It is the hardest path to choose, but, once chosen, the happiest path to walk.

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