American Dreaming, Kremlin Style

A few Republicans in the U.S. Congress are finally willing to admit to themselves, and more importantly to the world, what so many have refused to face until now with regard to their populist faction’s opposition to offering any further aid to Ukraine, and to House Speaker Mike Johnson’s newfound willingness to concede the need for some form of Ukraine package. As Texas congressman Dan Crenshaw stated it to a CNN reporter outside the Capitol: “I guess their reasoning is they want Russia to win so badly that they want to oust the speaker over it — I mean it’s a strange position to take. And, uh, you know I think it’s — I think they want to be in the minority too, I really think that’s an obvious reality.”

Yes, it is just that obvious. There is a substantial group within the Republican caucus in the House of Representatives, echoed by a few senators, most notably Rand Paul, Mike Lee, and Tommy Tuberville, that simply, obviously, unabashedly, wants Vladimir Putin to conquer Ukraine, and then, one can only presume — common sense really isn’t so hard once you get the habit — to conquer the rest of Europe, one country at a time or all at once as the case may be. Of course, these traitors — that is just what they are now, so we might as well call a spade a spade, continuing on this common sense path we have set out upon — probably assume that Putin will not, if so emboldened in Europe, come for the USA itself, at least as long as he and they get their wish in November, and Donald Trump, Putin’s number one international cheerleader and bootlicker, is elected to a second term as Putin’s red-carpetbagger-in-chief.

The United States government is now riddled with elected representatives who would be willing to sacrifice their party’s power in congress, sacrifice their country’s credibility as an ally and bastion of liberty, and sacrifice their own reputations as decent human beings, in order to achieve at all costs a goal that could not be achieved without America’s surrender: Vladimir Putin’s rise from Russia-destroying thug to post-Soviet global totalitarian menace. Think about that carefully, in both historical and philosophical contexts, before you question my use of the term “traitor” to describe these people. And do not muddy the waters for yourself by pretending that these are just “fiscal conservatives” or “old-fashioned non-interventionists” who believe that it is not in America’s national interest to spend billions of dollars overseas, or to get involved in foreign wars. Listen to any of these people talk about the war in Ukraine, about the Ukrainian government, or about Russia’s “legitimate interests” and “NATO’s provocations” as alleged causes of the war — listen to their words honestly and without excuse-making filters — and then ask yourself whether they sound like genuine fiscal conservatives or non-interventionists, who may espouse those political principles in good conscience while still maintaining a moral compass, or whether they sound like propaganda mouthpieces for tyranny who would say anything the Kremlin wanted them to say today, and are in fact doing so.

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