Friendly Reminder: Read The Case Against Public Education Now!

Universal public education is modernity’s Achilles heel, or its tragic flaw, the fatal mistake of a prosperous, quickly changing world—a civilization in the throes of youthful enthusiasm—imagining that it can take over where freed human nature left off, and even outdo freedom and nature, by mass producing through government micromanagement the kind of people who make liberty and civil society possible.

From The Case Against Public Education 

Get your free digital copy of the book that has now been downloaded by readers in forty-eight countries (country number forty-eight: Lithuania!) and on every continent not populated by penguins — readers who understand that without fundamental educational reform no civilizational renewal will be possible, and who have the courage to gaze into the full depth of the problem.

Join me on a journey through the haunted house of modern schooling, as we prepare for the slow, difficult, but liberating process of digging the world’s most ubiquitous program of progressive social control — public school — up by its poisonous roots.

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