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You are enthusiastically invited to pass along a comment, critique, or observation regarding anything you've read on this site, or, for that matter, anything you like. (Please keep the language civilized; my ears are still in the 18th century.) I promise to read everything, and to reply as warranted or appropriate.

If you are interested in reproducing any of my writing for academic or other purposes of your own, you may use this contact page to request permission. In most cases, I will agree to such uses, but it's still nice (and legally satisfying) to be asked.

For first-time contacts, please do not be intimidated by this form's request for an identifying e-mail and the need to type in the CAPTCHA security code. Neither your identity nor your e-mail will ever be shared with any person or entity for any reason whatsoever. (E.g., I am not selling your name to the NSA.) This form is just the way little private fellas like me weed out Vladimir Putin's robot friends and such.