News Roundup

Fake climate activist Greta Thunberg has been fake arrested at a fake protest again. Watching her — the most famous youngster on the planet — being picked up and pulled away from the street she was sitting on by police, while her fellow “protesters” simply watch the proceedings passively, without any of them moving a finger to object to her removal, and while dozens of professional photographers take unobstructed closeup shots of the event, speaks volumes. And this happened twice in the same day, in the same city. How dumb do we have to be to believe in any of this, let alone care about it? 

Large numbers of adults are being murdered or imprisoned in Russia today for speaking out against a brutal and bloodthirsty tyrant who has slipped his leash. Meanwhile, young attention-seekers with small minds, large wallets, and no one to restrain their foolishness in the least, are running belligerent and untethered through the remnants of societies that have effectively bred them to do exactly what they are doing, spouting exactly the talking points they have been trained to spout, and being mock-arrested on cue, with media propagandists on call to disseminate the ruse, in order to promote the fake cause that these fake protesters’ elders are using them as dancing puppets to promote.

Even a few elected members of the Republican Party are daring at last to state what has been obvious since 2016: the national GOP is increasingly an owned and operated subsidiary of the Kremlin. Donald Trump, should he win back the presidency in November, will be serving a second term in more or less the same role that Dmitry Medvedev played during his placeholder term as president of Russia. The Cold War never truly ended, of course, and its ultimate outcome looks bleaker all the time. This is not because the Cold War could not have been won, but rather because the West, and America in particular, though vastly more powerful and capable of finishing with ease the job Ronald Reagan started, has insisted, time and again, on doing just enough to lose. Its current foot-dragging half-efforts in Ukraine serve as a perfect crystallization of this self-subverting impulse. America wants to lose, and is hellbent on doing so even to the point of committing slow-motion murder-suicide on a global scale, though all the while paying lip service to a chimerical abstraction it calls “winning.”

Joe Biden’s face becomes fuller and fuller as his head becomes emptier and emptier and his leash-holders more and more radical. Since Trump is a Putin agent, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. a Putin cheerleader, this leaves Biden, a withered bag of wind, standing (or rather propped up by leftist subversives) as the only bulwark against Putin’s victory in Ukraine and the gradual onset of a wider European war. Feeling optimistic?

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