On American Conservatives, So-Called

American conservatives — and I am thinking primarily of the famous money-grubbing ones on television, radio, and internet, but this applies to the grassroots dupes as well — love to spew venom and vitriol at the many public victims of “cancel culture” who have felt compelled to apologize to their executioners in a desperate attempt to save themselves. These so-called conservatives ought to spend five seconds looking in the mirror before shooting their self-righteous mouths off.

For these braver-than-thou tough talkers have spent the past five years selling every principle they ever pretended to hold and denying every standard they ever espoused, in a desperate, groveling attempt not to lose favor (and ratings) with the increasingly unhinged and authoritarian Trump cult. Who are these people to criticize any two-bit actress who genuflects before the cancel mob (i.e., the Marxist tribunal) to beg for her life, when they themselves have genuflected before the Trump mob (i.e., the Mussolini tribunal) continuously for five years? 

Why did they do it? To protect their revenue stream; to keep their ratings; to win the adulation, and escape the hatred, of millions of idiots. In short, they did it to appease their primary (potential) audience or their former friends, now gone insane. They did it to belong, to fit in, to be accepted or approved of by an angry mob.

In other words, these tough-talking conservatives are that two-bit actress apologizing to the cancel mob. Thus, every one of those fraudulent, self-righteous sell-outs and cowards can just shut up, right now, about cancel mob appeasement, “speaking truth to power,” the culture wars, and all the rest of their favorite (i.e., most financially lucrative or self-justifying) talking points. 

I notice that “conservatives” are complaining about Mitch McConnell’s “caving” on the Democrats’ infrastructure plans. This is not caving, it is strategizing. This is what Mitch McConnell does, and what he is: the Democratic Left’s official “opponent,” like the Washington Generals to the Harlem Globetrotters, brilliant at holding off genuine constitutionalist challenges to the progressive establishment with pretenses of playing some imaginary “long game.” There is indeed a long game, and its goal, contrary to the blathering sycophancy of McConnell’s establishment conservative fans (George Will has made sucking up to McConnell his entire political philosophy), is to help the left dissect and devour America as founded — but slowly.

To anyone nodding his head in agreement with this point from the point of view of the “conservative grassroots,” I must also note, for the umpteenth time (I won’t bother linking all my articles explaining this), that Mitch McConnell made Donald Trump’s presidency possible, supported it in every way, and facilitated the fusion of the Trump populist cult with the Republican establishment’s agenda, for five years. He did this because it fit perfectly within his brilliant long game strategy: crush any genuine, principled Constitution-based resistance to his slow-motion sellout of America to the communist party. Anyone who still refuses to see this is merely being impossibly stubborn, so I have nothing left to say to such people.

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