Disasters All Around

According to a headline from The Hill, “Biden slams Trump for calling Fauci a ‘disaster.'” On its face, Biden’s “slam” seems fair. After all, who is the bigger disaster, the government apparatchik who has spent the past eight months on a personal glory tour, deliberately stoking mass panic and actively promoting tangible tyranny for the sake of aggrandizing his own little ego, or the president who eagerly and repeatedly chose to defer to this apparatchik for eight months as his own administration’s leading expert on The Pandemic that Ate a Planet, but then turns around (as always) and calls him names when that apparatchik gets too big for his britches?

Having said that, the thrust of Biden’s “slam,” of course, is that Trump should defer unthinkingly to self-promoting bureaucratic dreamers like Fauci, and that if he is elected president, he intends to defer to such unprincipled expert apparatchiks even more than Trump has, and to institute tyranny even more cavalierly than Trump has done, on the expert recommendation of such single-issue blowhards.

Does Fauci know, let alone care a whit, how many Americans have committed suicide, gone broke, started using anti-depressants, succumbed to alcoholism, suffered preventable heart attacks, strokes, advancing cancers, and other deadly illnesses over the past eight months, directly due to forced lockdowns and propaganda-fed social distancing fears? Does Trump know or care? Does Biden know or care? 

Disasters, frauds, morons, and tyrants all around, ladies and gentlemen. Vote for one of these cretins? Defer to the “expert knowledge” of such self-serving worms? Give a damn what any of them think about anything? At least let America die with some dignity, for God’s sake.

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