Canada: History’s Inadvertent Joke

Okay, some jokes, as comedy writers are wont to say, write themselves. Within the category of such jocular freebies, however, the People’s Populist Pothead Democratic Non-Republic of Canada may be the only nation-state that writes itself.

Here’s a New Year’s Eve headline I just read on Yahoo Canada News:

“It was a year Canada will never forget…”

Now that’s funny, in a “country” that in October officially legalized marijuana sales — and not as a matter of libertarian principle, I must note, but as a matter of the most overtly cynical vote-bribery and progressive totalitarian mass palliation the world has ever known. Pot has long been Canada’s soma (see Brave New World), arguably even outstripping the entire modern West’s moral sedative of choice, beer.

The Yahoo headline perhaps ought to have been, “It was the last year Canada will ever remember….”

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