Trudeau Humiliates Self and Canada, Even By Trudeau and Canada Standards

No leader in the Western world is more closely allied with, or a more unabashed shill for, neo-Marxist identity politics, than Communist Canada’s Justin the Wonder-Fop. No leader in the Western world, moreover, is less intelligent or less self-aware than this same Mini-Trudeau. When identity politics and pop idol vanity meet in one prime minister, classic comedy is sure to ensue.

Baby Trudeau brought his perky little brain, Sophie Gregoire T., and their three precious little props, Person A, 10, who may or may not identify as a boy, Person B, 9, who may or may not identify as a girl, and Person C, too young to self-identify and therefore free to select a gender at a later date, to India this week. Of course, they planned their trip entirely on the assumption, well-understood by all Canadians who identify as Liberal Party voters, that India — one of the oldest civilizations on Earth, birthplace of two of the world’s major religions, and home of curry — has spent five thousand years purifying its karma with no other aim than to discover at last what the Famille Trudeau would look like if they pretended to be a raja and rani.

I guess it’s only called cultural appropriation if non-Marxists do it. God help me, I have to ask you to laugh at what you see at this link, for that is the only way I can overcome the shame of being associated by birth, upbringing, and citizenship with the most humiliating country on the planet at this moment.

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