A Word That Should Never Be Used

Today I see that Wendy Mesley, a long-time CBC journalist, has been thrown down the memory hole, like so many these days, for committing one of the cardinal sins in the Marxist faith. Specifically, Mesley’s television program was “suspended” because, during a discussion of racial inequality, she “used a word that should never be used.” 

That phrase, “used a word that should never be used,” is the exact quote from the CBC’s official statement on Mesley’s elimination — er, I mean suspension. 

I will have much more to say about this general topic later, but for now, I only wish to say two things, both of them perhaps falling into the ever-widening category of “words that should never be used.”

First, I have been calling my homeland “Communist Canada” here in Limbo for years now. Perhaps many thought I was merely using hyperbole to be darkly funny or issue a playful warning. Perhaps I even thought so myself sometimes. Those days are gone.

Canada is a full-blown progressive totalitarian commune. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is the propaganda agency which the Marxist administrative state uses to set the standards of acceptable discourse, and to send clear messages to all Canadians about what will happen to them — meaning what their government intends to do to them — if and when they are ever found to be in non-compliance with government-sanctioned opinion, government-prescribed moral views, government-approved language, and government-mandated sensitivities.

Second, I never cease to be amazed — though of course there is really nothing very surprising about it, objectively speaking, by the speed with which our world’s popular satirical swipes at the inanities of extreme authoritarianism in thought and morals have come to seem indistinguishable from somber documentaries about our current situation. I offer a case in point, below.

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