Reflections for Canada Day 2021

In case you were wondering why I had not posted any kind of Canada Day observations in time for the big day, as per previous years, the answer is simple: I do not care. Canada Day does not really exist, because Canada no longer exists. I hold a passport for an imaginary geopolitical entity that is now nothing but an Orwellian update of Brigadoon.

As I write this, on the evening of July 1st, 2021 (Canada Time), 49.5% of the imaginary population of Canada is drunk on beer, 49.5% is stoned on “weed,” and the remaining one percent is watching old television reruns and trying to pretend everything is normal, to avoid facing the reality of their national non-existence.

A Trudeau has been Prime Minister of Canada for almost half of the past forty-three years. A Trudeau: a socialist with a fascist temperament and a B-movie actor’s lust for fame. As with all things progressive, Trudeaus deteriorate generationally, following the standard tragedy-into-farce arc. Thus, Pierre to Justin: the elder a well-read writer and orator with a pompous flair, the younger a clown show whose every attempt to look like a serious Marxist adult only highlights his triviality and boobdom.

Canada has consistently been a model and global leader in the advance of “democratic socialism” over the decades, setting the world standards for government-controlled health care, universal welfare, peace through moral equivalency, multiculturalism as a soft propaganda assault on Western civilization, climate tyranny, and so on. As such, Canada has been a classic example — the contemporary world’s definitive case — of short man syndrome: devoured by humiliating resentment of everything tall and independent, and thus forever scheming to reduce and level the superior, to obliterate natural rank and private achievement, to deny and undo the inevitable disparities that occur in freedom. This resentment and its resulting leveling instinct are what progressivism means. They are what Canada means.

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