A Quick Survey from West to East

Much of the United States of America is under police state social controls these days, due to mass panic and massive infantile self-absorption over a virus pandemic that is roughly one-fifth illness and four-fifths progressive authoritarian propaganda. Meanwhile, all of the U.S., along with substantial portions of the rest of the “developed world,” is on social justice lockdown, systematically and ruthlessly dismantling history and heroes that international communists claim someone might find “hurtful” on racial collectivist grounds.

Hong Kong is almost gone. Over the past couple of years, China, exploiting — like everyone else — the happy knowledge that the White House is currently occupied by the most boastfully manipulable coward in the history of mankind (yes, yes, yes he is worse on foreign policy than Obama, ten times worse!), has closed in on the “independent” entity, arresting protesters and commandeering the city’s police and political apparatus to serve their brutally Orwellian aims. Trump sat on his social media thumbs playing moral equivalency games during this violent slow-motion takeover, praising his great friend Xi Jinping as a strong leader.

One of the many international progressives to take full advantage of Trump’s flimsy ego over the past few years is South Korean president Moon Jae-in. The socialist fantasist and Korean reunification dreamer (i.e., schemer) used Trump’s desire to look big on the global scene to sweet talk him into serving as Moon’s lackey in his government’s public relations drive to normalize and legitimize Kim Jong-un’s madhouse tyranny, as a step toward the longtime South Korean socialist hope of meeting the North halfway — halfway to communism, that is.

Last week, in response to complaints from the Kim dynasty, Moon’s government raided the office of Park Sang-hak, a North Korean Christian exile living in Seoul, confiscating his property, to forcibly stop him from his years-long practice of sending messages of hope and freedom across the border to arouse and embolden his former fellow slaves. The government has subsequently summoned Park and associates for questioning, seeking to criminalize and condemn them for sending anti-Kim posters, bibles, and bottles of rice over the border. We can’t have people feeding North Koreans and offering them a bit of hope for their future now, can we? That might upset their bloodthirsty slave-owners, and we wouldn’t want that.

Moon is by calculation what Trump is by cowardice.

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