David Hogg Stars in “I Was a Teenage Moron”

A teenager is just an adult minus the knowledge born of independent experience, the respect for humanity born of observing how hard independence can be, the appreciation for history and tradition born of years of sober listening and reading, the moral character born of thousands of good choices made in difficult conditions, and the wisdom born of much failure, disillusionment, and hard work.

In other words, a teenager is a progressive with a good excuse. Isn’t it demeaning enough that the human race has been governed by this infantile “worldview” for a hundred years? Do we have to hand what’s left of our civilization over to the literal infants now?

David Hogg, star of the cult classic, “I Was a Teenage Moron,” is out of his safe space again to decry the hypocrisy of the NRA calling itself a non-profit when its president makes a lot of money. As many have pointed out, there is no rule stipulating how much a 501c head is allowed to earn, and the CEO of Planned Parenthood also rakes in a huge salary in addition to receiving massive federal funding for killing millions of human beings.

In general, I don’t think I’d want to go down that self-righteous road if I were an aspiring social justice warrior like Hogg, given that progressives are all agog over any organization with the words “non-profit” attached, and yet the most famous of such organizations — think of UNICEF, OXFAM, etc. — routinely make fat cats of their little socialist leaders.

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