July 4th, Just Another Day Again

Donald Trump will use this July 4th weekend to double-dare American voters to dump his destructive butt on the sidewalk come November, because he could not care less whether anything even remotely resembling America as founded survives his first term. (It will not.)

Marxist activists will use the opportunity to remind everyone that this weekend is a celebration of racism, since the “independence” in Independence Day is a reference to the Declaration of Independence, a document written by Thomas Jefferson, who has now been decisively declared a symbol of slavery and hatred, and is currently in the process of having his image and name removed from the public square, and the public school, in the name of racial sensitivity.

For a long time, July 4th has been more of a wistful reminder than a meaningful celebration. This year, with communism ascendant, totalitarian lockdowns the norm, and a petulant demagogue in the White House, the day has been emptied of all positive content. At best, it is just another day again, as it would have seemed to all mankind prior to 1776 — except that today our July 4ths, like all other days, occur in a world that would have seemed inconceivable to the humans of that time. More precisely, what would have seemed inconceivable to the humans of that time is the fact that creatures daring to call themselves men have reduced themselves to this condition voluntarily, or rather absent-mindedly, distractedly. 

I’m tired. July 5th will be better. Less baggage.

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