What did I miss?

This is the week I meet my new fall semester classes, which is why I have been a somewhat absent (yes, I know, that’s akin to “a little bit pregnant”) from Limbo for a while. My apologies.

My apologies, as well, for having nothing much to say about the Catholic Church having been entirely taken over by Marxists who explicitly, knowingly, and brazenly put their revolutionary agenda above peccadilloes like clergy running a professional child abuse racket, not to mention using seminarians as comfort boys for the bishops and cardinals. (Ho-hum, just another day among progressives.) It’s getting harder and harder to defend these child-molesting communists everyday, and at this rate…um, what was I trying to say again?

And sorry for not bothering to go on about how Donald Trump, the boy blunder, has found yet another way to steal a Democrat talking point and then hand it back to them on a silver platter — in this case, the Fairness Doctrine repackaged as an all-encompassing government takeover of the internet and the algorithms private companies use to suggest search results to their users. Chief Little Hands really ought to take five minutes away from Fox and CNN and find out from a non-Fake-News source — i.e., a non-American one — how China is dealing with online algorithms these days. That’s exactly where all his tough-guy whining tends, and I notice that the New York Post has already picked up on this window of opportunity and is lauding Trump’s despotic instincts as just the rough touch the market needs.

Put these two stories together, though, and you get the overall trend of the modern world: sexual promiscuity, ravenous pleasure-seeking, mass systemic child abuse, neo-Marxist hallucinations substituted for religion and morality — all of it controlled, promoted, and micromanaged by an omniscient totalitarian surveillance state.

“And how was your summer vacation?”

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