Rush Limbaugh Calls Kettle Black

Rush Limbaugh is apparently outdoing himself these days in his usual role as deflector-in-chief regarding the Republican Party’s corruption. According to Right Scoop, he’s been harping lately on the way the media is exuding fake moral outrage about Donald Trump’s crude and idiotic comments…er, I mean brilliant and chess master-like comments about “people from s-hole countries,” and the like.

What hypocrites they are, says Rush. I mean, they ignored Obama’s use of the s-word for years, even celebrated it, but now all of a sudden they are pretending to be deeply hurt by Trump’s use of the very same word.

Let’s not waste too much time noting the obvious difference between Obama’s cited uses of the word and Trump’s. Trump was (allegedly) using it specifically to designate potential immigrants from Africa, Haiti, and El Salvador as being “people from s-hole countries,” with the obvious and unmistakable implication being that they are undesirable for that reason — in other words, that the s-hole-ness of those countries is somehow reflected in all the people from those countries, without discrimination.

Go ahead, try to argue that he didn’t mean it that way. Whenever you’re finished, I’ll ask you this: Then why did he suggest people from those countries are universally less desirable as immigrants than people from, say, Norway? What was his point, if not to say that African or Haitian immigrants are inherently and necessarily tarnished by the s-hole-ness of their countries? (And remember, if you read your own reasonable beliefs about the immigration into Trump’s actual words, you are merely “defending” him by refusing to say what he said. But that’s not a defense, it’s obfuscation.) See Patterico’s good analysis of Trump’s attitude at RedState.

But the real point I wish to emphasize here is this: For Rush Limbaugh, of all people, to make such an obfuscating accusation of hypocrisy against the mainstream media — “they are insincere,” “they are actors” — is awfully precious.

Question for Rush: Why does the media play this faux “moral outrage” game, when in fact they have been society’s chief purveyors of vulgarity and low-mindedness for years?


  • Because it sells;
  • Because it’s how they carry water for their masters in the Democrat half of the D.C. establishment.

Question for you, gentle reader: Why does Rush play his faux “conservative outsider” game, when in fact he’s been an operative of the GOP and a backstabber of constitutionalists for years?


  • Because it sells;
  • Because it’s how he carries water for his masters in the Republican half of the D.C. establishment.

They are fake moralists. He’s a fake conservative. It all depends on who your masters are, and what they need you to mask for them.

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