What Surrender Sounds Like

French President Emmanuel Macron, a classic little nothing who pretends to importance by proudly serving as Europe’s message delivery boy, has bravely submitted a resolution to the UN Security Council begging for permission from Vladimir Putin to “guarantee unhindered humanitarian access to meet the urgent needs of the remaining population in Ukraine.” They did nothing to help Ukraine prepare for this unjust and hideous invasion. But now, with Uncle Vlad’s kind permission, they — Europe’s cowards and cretins and crony capitalists who have served Putin’s interests all these years — would like to be given safe passage to bring some bandages and towels to help sop up the blood from the military invasion they facilitated. 

Oh, and Macron will also insist that a ceasefire “must precede any peace talks.” Peace talks, in a war between an invading superpower and invaded cities defended by housewives with Molotov cocktails? You mean terms of surrender, don’t you, Mr. Messenger?

Pigs (in the Animal Farm sense, of course). When, God willing, the day comes that Putin is hanging from a rope in Moscow, I hope Macron and the rest of Europe’s humanitarians will have enough of their own souls left in them to understand that each jerk of his dying body symbolizes one or another of the evil deeds that were directly funded and enabled by them.

I see now that the U.S. ambassador to the UN has just bravely declared: “We ask Russia to tone down its rhetoric.” 


Vladimir Putin will not stop his aggression until either he gets all that he wants and the world is at his mercy, or he is stopped in his tracks by a complete and humiliating defeat of his entire forces and his own government. Today’s world lacks both the historical understanding and the moral decency to consider this obvious truth, let alone accept it. This leaves the people of Ukraine to deliver the humiliating defeat, without an ounce of meaningful assistance from anyone, and the Russian people to deliver the toppling of his government, which would necessarily require a large abandonment of Putin from within the Russian military and police.

In this situation, the only real courage being displayed by anyone on this planet lives in the souls of the people of Ukraine, fighting for their lives and homes with full knowledge that they will have to fight alone, and those Russians taking to the streets in protest against their tyrant, knowing full well that they risk their own lives by daring to defy Putin’s direct orders and the thuggery of his goons. Everyone else, from everywhere else: cowards (our babbling “leaders”) or helpless bystanders (the rest of us).

Or, earning their special place in hell, the Western apologists for tyranny and murder, such as the alt-right populists and their media spokesmen, Tucker Carlson et al. If you are tired of my beating this drum about Carlson, or think I am exaggerating the significance of his pro-Putin rhetoric, allow me to beat the drum a little louder for the hard of hearing.

Do you want to know exactly why Tucker Carlson continues to maintain his popularity while serving so openly as Putin’s American voice? Here is his core audience, represented at the white nationalist convention attended by a couple of well-known “new Republicans,” aka “Trump Republicans,” aka Putin-fostered populist authoritarians, aka fascists. 

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