North Korea Actually Expects Trump to Do What He Promised — Imagine That!

The U.S. is boasting that Secretary of State Pompeo’s recent meeting with Kim Jong-un’s tyranny was a great success, with much happy-go-lucky progress being made toward denuclearization.

The Kim regime, meanwhile, is singing a very different tune, expressing dismay and frustration that the U.S. seems to be trying to push the Norks into “unilateral denuclearization,” which is not what they signed on for. 

And in this case, of course, Kim’s regime is exactly right. What was the point, he is asking, of having spent so much effort making a fool of Donald Trump, if in the end his administration is just going to ignore the promises Kim squeezed out of the fool.

Yes, the Norks are disappointed that Pompeo seems to be demanding “unilateral denuclearization” — because the Orange Idiot (OI) went to his Great TV Summit and signed an agreement promising to “denuclearize the Korean Peninsula.”

His cult sang hallelujahs, because neither he nor they even understood what those words meant, or why the Norks (and the Chinese) were so happy to get that wording from the OI.

What Trump signed — though he doesn’t know it — was an agreement to put formal restrictions on the defense capabilities of America’s ally, South Korea, and to permanently restrict America’s own nuclear capabilities in this strategically vital region (e.g. subs with nukes used as a deterrent.)

Hence, having duped the OI into signing a moral equivalency pact with a sex-slaving-owning, population-starving, uncle-murdering little thug, the thug and his Chinese handlers actually expect the OI to follow through on his signed promises.

On reality TV, you can just re-edit the final scene, and the whole thing is forgotten next season anyway. Somebody needs to explain to the reality TV POTUS that the real world of defending liberty against communist dictatorship doesn’t work that way.


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