Trump Just Got Owned by the Smarter Man

Breaking: Donald Trump proudly showed off a document he signed today with Kim Jong-un, promising a lot of promises, most of them essentially meaningless — except that one of the promises is to help the DPRK work toward a “complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.”

In other words, Trump just agreed with a murderous dictator who is holding half of Korea hostage that he will work with that dictator to ensure that America’s ally South Korea can never have nuclear weapons — and that, presumably, would include U.S. weapons defending South Korea and Japan against North Korean aggression.

Surely there has never been a dumber or more totalitarian-friendly American president — and yes, I’m including the previous one in that assessment. Donald Trump just signed a security agreement to protect North Korea against South Korea, and South Korea didn’t even get to sign the damn thing.

Welcome to Czechoslovakia 1938, folks. (Except that Moon Jae-in, a socialist who sympathizes with the communist North, will probably cheer this agreement on.)

There is a special place in Hell for people who do what Donald Trump just did, but the permanent residents of that place will probably reject him due to his inordinately tiny brain and hands.

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