Trump-Kim Summit II: Farce Becomes Tragedy

What a great idea! Donald Trump and his team of trained monkeys are insisting that the newly-announced setting for their second “We’d Legitimize Venezuela Too If They Had Nukes” extravaganza, namely Vietnam, makes an important symbolic statement about reconciliation and overcoming conflict. 

Yes it does. It makes the statement that the U.S., once dead-set on resisting and curtailing communism, is now prepared to embrace or overlook it, when great primetime photo ops for Mr. Trump are to be had. 

Speaking of being had, Trump doesn’t even realize that he is being played by communists all around: Kim Jung Un, of course; the Chinese, who continue to insist that their goal is to protect communism in North Korea; and South Korea’s Moon Jae-in, a complete fellow-traveler type who is presently in the process of overwhelming his own prosperous nation’s rationality and future stability with an aggressive socialist transformation agenda. (Think of him as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with experience and a brain.)

Summit I, “Hugs and Blubber in Singapore,” led to such material progress as North Korea continuing to claim it no longer needed to test its nuclear weapons, refusing to dismantle any substantial part of its nuclear weapons program, demanding a complete withdrawal of U.S. military involvement on the peninsula, and criticizing American good will with new, U.S.-fostered international legitimacy.

Summit II, “Big Gut and Little Fingers Bury the Hatchet,” carries that great progress one giant leap further, promising to establish a lasting aura of acceptability and inoffensiveness around global communism forever.

Wonderful stuff. All the communists surrounding and manipulating the idiot Trump in this big reality TV peace summit of his are laughing. Trump’s idolaters, now officially the dumbest human beings ever to walk the Earth (why mince words at this point?), will be cheering him on for his utter hypocrisy and stupidity in legitimizing every communist state in the world except Venezuela. As for the rest of the world — well, it may be trapped in bemused silence for a while, but in the long run, the sound you will hear will surely not be laughter, unless it be the laughter of the gods.

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