A Stellar First Term

In the three and a half years since Donald Trump became President of the United States, and thus the informal but historically relevant “leader of the free world,” Xi Jinping has established himself as China’s “president” for life, becoming a more powerful dictator than Chairman Mao ever dreamed of being; Vladimir Putin has established himself as Russia’s “president” for life, ensuring that, barring premature death, the KGB officer will become the longest ruling dictator in Russian history, which is quite an achievement; North Korea’s lunatic tyranny has shot from near-universal marginalization to international legitimacy thanks to repeated photo-op smile sessions with his South Korean “counterpart” and his American “negotiating partner.” 

Turkey’s Islamic dictatorship has been strengthened and normalized, several freed former Soviet bloc nations are in renewed jeopardy, the semi-free city-state of Hong Kong is being swallowed up in a dress rehearsal for China’s upcoming Taiwan excursion — and of course the United States of America herself is currently under a multi-pronged assault from within, as basic freedoms have been suspended indefinitely due to a media-driven pandemic of fear, while communist agitators and submissive cowards are in a breathless race to delete the nation’s entire history and founding structures in the name of “social justice.”

Donald Trump is not personally to blame for all of these events, although he was certainly the primary force behind the North Korean debacle, and it is his own administration that is pitching the pandemic fearmongering and encouraging “lockdown” fever. But in each and every one of the above cases, Trump’s ineptitude, anti-republicanism, vanity, and sheer stupidity may be seen to have played a substantial, and in some instances vital, role in the development and realization of these various unmitigated catastrophes. 

Has any U.S. president had so much civilization, so much freedom, so much hope, and so much decency unravel or disintegrate during his first term in office?

Trump has served as Putin’s personal shield and yes-man on the international stage for four years, and anyone who wishes to deny that fact is so far gone down the idolatry chute that there is no point arguing with him. Trump has praised Xi and made friendly quips about his “friend’s” overt efforts to establish this edition of the Chinese Communist Party as the most comprehensive and perfect totalitarian police state in human history. Trump singlehandedly stole the North Korean narrative from the rest of the universe — Kim dynasty insane, North Korean people emaciated slaves — demanding in every possible way that Kim be respected as a “talented” and “smart” young man, and his starving, parasite-infested victims demeaned as a devoted population in love with their dear leader. 

Let us state the obvious. If a Democrat — any Democrat whatsoever — had been U.S. president during even half of the victories of global and domestic tyranny that Trump has fostered or fomented, the so-called conservative media, from top to bottom, would be screaming “Treason!” and “Marxist!” from every soap box available to them. This year, by contrast, those same “conservatives” — frauds one and all — are out there trying to persuade Americans that they should, nay must, vote for Trump’s re-election to stop “the left.” And exactly which part of “the left” has Trump stopped over these past few years? On my tally, “the left,” both within America and around the world, is currently entering its first true golden age, thanks in large measure to the cowardice, vanity, and mindless megalomania of Donald Trump, along with his cultists and the tribal sheep.

“But Biden!” Yeah, sure. Whatever makes you feel better, because emotional comfort and a good primetime TV lineup are what life is all about, right?

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