Reflections On Current Events

If Ukraine loses its war of survival against a scheming KGB autocrat after all this devastation and bloodshed, the loss and its inevitable global implications will be entirely on the heads of those tens of millions of Americans who pretend to want to make America great again, which fake goal they propose to accomplish by electing the most corrupt and ignorant man ever to occupy the White House to a second term, so that he may finish the job of destroying his country’s credibility and historical legacy once and for all, and complete his mission of handing the entire world (America last perhaps, but certainly included) on a silver platter to Chinese and Russian tyrants, which surrender, as per this ignoramus’s usual peddler man bluster, he calls “making the best deals.”

If Joe-Biden-on-a-stick is re-elected as President of the United States, this defeat for sanity and freedom will sit largely on the heads of the same tens of millions of Americans noted in the previous reflection, since they have chosen to destroy their party’s legitimacy by throwing their lots in yet again with a man who has already lost the U.S. popular vote twice, including once to Biden, and that was before he attempted to perpetrate the greatest election fraud, or shall we say mass hypnosis, in U.S. history.

If Nikki Haley were somehow able to defeat Donald Trump in the primaries, which in fact she will not be able to do, she would lose the presidential election to Joe-Biden-on-a-stick thanks in roughly equal parts to her own lack of substance and to the non-support of the tens of millions of Americans noted in the previous two reflections, who have redefined the Republican Party as the party of unbending foolishness and radical dysfunction, and fully intend to keep it defined that way.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. sounds smarter and more sincere than any of the three available uniparty options noted above, but he also sounds absurdly conciliatory towards Vladimir Putin and utterly uninterested in any fundamental principles consistent with the American idea of government.

Here’s a fun article about a spy scandal involving a Latvian minister who, among many others, has been working for years as a Russian operative within the EU, treasonously serving the interests of Vladimir Putin’s aggression. I wonder what the North American populists and popularity hounds of the “alt-right,” from Donald Trump to Tucker Carlson, from Jordan Peterson to Rand Paul, and from the MAGA members of the U.S. House of Representatives to their millions of supporters in the Republican Party “grassroots” (long-since degraded to a prairie fire), would make of this story and its implications, if indeed they had either the integrity or the intelligence to acknowledge it at all.

I am joking, of course, since based on the rationalizations they have been offering to excuse Putin’s unjust aggression for the past two years, we already know what they would make of it. They would express admiration, subtly or directly, for Putin’s efforts to undermine the corrupt European elite and restore Christendom and political normalcy to the world — leaving those of us holding onto some remnant of our common sense to wonder how far and wide Putin’s network of subversive operatives really extends.

Amusingly, it was only after writing the above that I read the news that Tucker Carlson, the Kremlin’s favorite American media figure, has now visited Moscow to receive his official Potemkin village tour of the crumbling dictatorship. His visit apparently overlaps with the recent Thai arrest and subsequent release to Israel of a Russian rock group that is in self-imposed exile with a target on its head for daring to speak publicly against the Ukraine war policies of Carlson’s puppeteer.

And so the long, ignoble tradition of prominent American individuals using their public platforms to pitch carefully-crafted Russian propaganda to the world continues. From John Dewey and Walter Duranty on the socialist authoritarian “left” to Tucker Carlson and his cheerleaders in the U.S. Congress on the populist authoritarian “right,” it’s the same old song, although this time, not suprisingly, the tune sounds less like tragedy and more like farce.

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