The Devil Is In the Details

In this age of social media, social thought, and social truth, the richest man in the world, a pot-smoking cool kid with his hands deep in the government cookie jar, is now the controlling owner of the world’s dominant social discussion forum. 

Meanwhile, in this age of ubiquitous internet addiction, online surveillance, and the dubious boons of universal interconnectedness, the most influential and profit-soaked man in the history of this digital devolution, a computer nerd with “little man behind the curtain” fantasies who inserts himself into every real or alleged “world crisis” as Chief Problem-Solver for the little people (i.e., us), is now the number one private owner of farmland in the United States of America, making him, at least potentially, and obviously in intention, a leading force in controlling (or, most likely, re-engineering) the global food supply.

The most powerful and, in theory, freest nation on Earth is currently ruled by a network of subversive socialists and administrative state paternalists, fronted by a senile old fool, who was preceded in this figurehead role by a ranting reality TV idiot, and prior to that by an ignorant college loafer Marxist. 

The hub of the modern world, Western Europe, is currently under direct threat by a fascistic remnant of the old Soviet regime that was the dominant tyranny of the last century, a clownish megalomaniac who has initiated an all-out war of aggression against a small, unthreatening neighbor. Yet less than one year into this unprovoked land-grab war, in spite of the fact that the dictator is clearly losing the war, which ought to be a cause for rejoicing around the world, much of the so-called democratic world, led by leading voices within the American government, is becoming increasingly vocal in demanding that the small, brave victim stop defending itself so well, and threatening to withdraw some or all of its support from that small nation — effectively surrendering to the tyrant’s demands precisely at the moment when he should be the one begging for mercy. As though these “democrats” and “populists” did not want the one-party-rule KGB dictator’s regime to fail.

Israel has just reelected Benjamin Netanyahu, a sycophantic sell-out and huckster. Brazil has just reelected “Lula,” its communist agitator and fame whore extraordinaire. Xi Jinping continues to consolidate powers more insidious and oppressive than anything the twentieth century’s most successful murderer, Chairman Mao, ever dreamed of. The world has run out of errors and evils, and has taken to recycling its previous ones, especially its most recent ones, a natural outcome for an era that has gone as senile as the U.S. president, having officially cast all genuine history down the memory hole. Meanwhile, China and India, accounting for roughly a quarter of the global population, are actively implementing a centralized digital money system that will give governments and global banking schemers complete control over every human being’s property, means of sustenance, and practical behavior at the click of a button — not to mention giving the impermanent and ephemeral power grids and software programs even more complete control — a system the rest of the world’s elite planners and experts are clamoring to establish globally.

Living above the fray of daily events, and in resistance to the psychological tsunami of “news,” is an essential means of survival for finer spirits today, as well as the only gateway to the higher life. But for a reminder of why this is so, it is occasionally beneficial, at least when one has one’s digestion in good order, to turn back and see what is happening down there. The devil is indeed in the details of our age — sadly, in all the damned details. As long as one does not tarry too long over that sight, the brief reminder of what is there can have a salubrious effect on one’s journey, if nothing else by reaffirming that one is definitely heading in the right direction, namely away from the rising tide of hell.

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