You Know You’re a Failed Yes-man When…

Kim Jong Un, a fat baby who is cleverly playing up to the Infant President Donald Trump to string America along in his play for international legitimacy and permanent protection, has temporarily revived his tough guy negotiating position — probably a smart choice, given that this was the stance that scared Trump into making a million unrequited concessions to him in the first place. (Yes, that is exactly what happened, although Trump cultists, who in their idolatry conveniently forget that America holds all the cards, will tell you Trump “forced” Kim into accepting the cancellation of joint U.S.-South Korea military drills; “forced” Kim into having the U.S. president praise him as a brilliant, popular leader and an honorable, trustworthy negotiator; and “forced” Kim into having the U.S. officially promise respect and non-aggression toward his brutal tyranny.)

From his revived tough guy position, Kim has triumphantly tested a new tactical weapon, and is now demanding that Trump’s lead negotiator, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, be barred from future negotiations. In other words, Kim is demanding operating control over the foreign policy apparatus of the U.S. president’s administration. He will probably get this, or something even better, because Trump is as close to Hobbes’ conception of man in the state of nature a modern twelve-year-old mean girl can be, which is to say he seems to be motivated entirely by the combination of fear and vainglory, while lacking the practical intelligence or moral inclinations to extract himself from that nightmare by forming a peaceful society with others.

More interesting, however, is the manner of Kim’s attack on Pompeo, as reported by AFP:

Describing Pompeo as “reckless” and immature, the foreign ministry said it wanted him replaced by another interlocutor, a demand that significantly ups the ante in a sensitive diplomatic standoff.

This is actually funny. Kim Jong Un, the only world leader who obviously rivals Trump in infantile recklessness and vanity, is singling out Pompeo for lacking the maturity required in a good negotiator. A fat tyrannical baby is singling out a fat bootlicking sycophant for criticism, in order to drive a wedge between the sycophant and the boss that sycophant has devoted his career to flattering, as a means of flattering that same boss — the most famous immature sucker for flattery on Earth — into returning to the finger-painting table with him.

The lives of millions of people are at the mercy of these schoolyard idiots. Yes, I still say that’s funny. Dark humor, I admit, but funny all the same.

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