Why don’t you do as you are told?

Headline I just read on MSN: “Masks seem to work, even as some refuse them.” Darned humans, always refusing to do as they are told. Perhaps if we condescend and preach to them long enough, and publicly shame them forcefully enough, they will finally learn how to comply.

In other news:

Broccoli seems healthy, even as some refuse to eat it.

Aerobic exercise seems to increase cardiovascular health, even as some refuse to do it.

Classic literature seems to enhance thoughtfulness, even as some refuse to read it.

Complex musical rhythms and prolonged, intricate melodies seem to increase intelligence, even as some refuse to give up Beyoncé.

Self-reliance seems to increase human maturity, even as some refuse to seek it.

Independent adulthood seems to be the natural goal of human existence, even as some choose to avoid it.

A limited republic seems to improve human development and increase general prosperity, even as most refuse to demand one.

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