Passing Remarks On Late Modernity

We are all supposed to defend the idea of democracy today as though our lives depended on it. In fact, anyone who fails to do so, or who dares to ask questions such as whether this democracy we are all bound to defend amounts to anything in practice but the blunt force of absolute majority rule, is condemned or ridiculed as an enemy of democracy, or alternatively a threat to democracy, and therefore judged unworthy of respect, undeserving of a public voice, and possibly unqualified to live among us. Is this spiritual (so far) stoning and exile for the agnostics and unbelievers also part of the essence of our cherished democracy?

It is de rigueur to believe, and to assert as a simple, unquestioned premise in any argument about anything, that white men — in general, by definition, and almost universally — are racist, mysogynistic, and systemically oppressive. This belief, of course, was conceived, developed, and then globally fostered by white men. Could any population group but white men have created and disseminated such a racist, misandristic, and systemically suicidal view of themselves? Has there ever been such another group? And if not, then, most importantly, why not?

Christianity conditioned the modern notion of human equality. Equality conditioned the notions that human rank ordering is unnatural and preeminence unjust. The sentimental suspicion of human hierarchy and material inequality conditioned our ascendant and most ludicrous conspiracy theory to end all conspiracy theories (Marxism), in essence the claim that uneven political achievement and advanced spiritual development — as defined by the conspiracy theorists themselves — are explicable only as evidence of insidious and all-pervasive historical oppression by the more “advanced” (i.e., unfairly privileged) groups. Thus, white men manufactured the rationalization for their own self-loathing, and then aggressively popularized it as the justification for their self-enslavement and self-annihilation — as the punishment for their self-defined sins.

“Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” (Galatians 6:7)

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