Dr. Fauci Maps Out Your Future

Today, America’s Lord and Master, “Dr. Fauci,” is making a plea for Americans to continue taking his word as gospel truth forever and ever, and to sacrifice every iota of dignity and self-government they ever thought they deserved, even though it is now ridiculously obvious that he has no idea what the hell he’s talking about, and has been dead wrong about every aspect of this pandemic from day one.

First, he says,

It’s in our hands. We can prevent a second wave if we respond to the inevitable infections we’ll see in the fall and winter.

Then he qualifies that alarmist talk of a second wave to the point of rendering the phrase meaningless:

I use the words ‘second wave’ with some reservations. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a true second wave in the sense of a major outbreak. And whether that happens or not depends on how we’re prepared to respond.

In other words, when he speaks of a “second wave,” he doesn’t really mean anything by it. But in defense against this hypothetical second wave that does not carry “the sense of a major outbreak” — in which case why in the world would you call it a “wave,” unless, by chance, you happened to have a vested interest in stoking public fear, as I suppose you might if you were a lifelong bureaucrat nearing his final years and finally seeing an opportunity to achieve real authority and fame for once, and therefore desperate not to let go of that moment? — Fauci demands the following:

We have four months to make sure we have in place the system, the test, the capability, the manpower to do the kind of identification, isolation and contact tracing as cases begin to reappear in the fall, because they will reappear.

For the kind of contact tracing that needs to be done, you need manpower. You need people who can be mobilized efficiently to do the kinds of contact tracing we need. If we have that, we could avoid a resurgence or what people would be calling a second wave.

Notice how he now detaches himself from the phrase “second wave” altogether, referring to “what people would be calling a second wave.” In other words, he is completely disavowing the idea that this virus has the legs to cause a real second outbreak in the fall, ascribing the phrase “second wave” to other people, and implying that he only uses it because “they” do. Nevertheless, in response to a minor recurrence of this moderately severe virus outbreak, about which his own months-long alarmism has been proved entirely false and ill-informed, Fauci demands that America, i.e., the government, be “mobilized” with new manpower, and of course new powers, to force a regime of contact tracing for every single positive test case that ever occurs in the future. 

Does he have any concerns about whether this recommendation might have implications for privacy, freedom of association, the individual citizen’s control of his own health records, or in general the proper limits of state authority, particularly in what he himself is now openly conceding is a non-emergency situation? Of course not! He is a lifelong government hack. For such people, the term “illegitimate powers” is about as meaningful as the term “second wave.” You bandy it about occasionally, in front of certain audiences, but of course in the end you just go ahead and do whatever you want, truth, reason, and liberty be damned.

Fauci’s new position, in a nutshell: This virus has pretty much played itself out now, and will not come back on a large scale. But we’re not going to let that stop us from forging ahead with creating and implementing a full-on totalitarian system for micromanaging the lives, contacts, and movements of every citizen, as the state deems necessary. If you have concerns about the implications or “possible abuses” of such a system, well that’s too bad. Dr. Fauci’s ego and career reputation are on the line. That trumps all other concerns, and certainly any concern so trivial as truth and honesty in government. He and his progressive authoritarian handlers have business to attend to, and it is not your business. 

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