Random Thoughts on Coronavirus and Death

In recent years, it has become a popular part of the vernacular to say, in a variety of situations, “This will not end well.” This melodramatic expression should now be edited for the coronavirus pandemic, to “This will not end.”

Several weeks ago, there was a lot of discussion, grounded in firsthand reports and hard evidence, of the fact that in many jurisdictions, including the entire United States, doctors were being instructed, as a matter of official policy, to register every death of a person with COVID-19 as a death from COVID-19. That is, untold thousands of death certificates were being signed listing this virus as the cause of death, merely because the patient had tested positive at some point before dying. In fact, there were even many cases (in New York, for example) in which the numbers were being padded with people who had not even been tested, merely because their deaths were judged to be in “excess” of nebulously defined norms, and therefore attributed to a cause which no one had any tangible reason to believe was present at all.

That’s all gone now. The issue has been thrown down the memory hole, obfuscated away with condescending expert-speak, in which overt straw-manning and mockery of non-professionals is combined with the vague, distancing language of protocols and procedures, to bury a very serious issue — serious, that is, because these numbers (which even in their inflated form are not all that shocking, truth be told) are being used to justify tyrannical public policy. (See a recent example of this memory hole process at Scientific American, here.)

A headline I read yesterday announced, with a tone that was obviously meant to sound like alarm, that a “report” has “estimated” that “up to 80 percent” of coronavirus cases may be asymptomatic. 

One has to live in a very distorted world of fear-mongering overkill and ominous background music not to recognize that if that “report” is true — and I believe the percentage of asymptomatic cases may in fact turn out to be much higher than that — then it pretty much blows this entire media-driven charade out of the water. Most people who contract this virus are not even aware of it, and never will be.

During the kind of pandemics in history that this one is being fraudulently hyped as, contracting the disease was virtually a death sentence. In this case, by contrast, without the media exploitation and the government totalitarianism, the pandemic’s peak moment would not even have had a significantly damaging effect on the global economy, let alone decimated whole towns and provinces, as happened in those earlier, real public health crises.

Most of the serious damage to nations, economies, and individual lives in this case, has been caused by tyranny, along with the sad exposure of a long-developing pandemic of moral decay.

Incidentally, if you combine those last two reflections — the policy of registering every death with COVID-19 as a death from COVID-19, and the new data indicating that the vast majority of cases are asymptomatic — you might have a little revelation or two about the decision-making process that led to the policy of registering every death with as a death of, about the validity of that policy, and about the ultimate trustworthiness of “experts” in such matters.

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