Weekend Reflection: Weenies

Donald Trump is back to attacking his own attorney general again:

Jeff Sessions is “scared stiff and Missing in Action.” Which brings us back to the obvious question: Why is Sessions still the attorney general? Trump, his boss, who is world famous for having publicly mastered exactly two words — “You’re fired” — has spent the better part of the past two years publicly lambasting his own appointee, rather than just dismissing him or demanding his resignation. Why?

I can see two plausible explanations at this point:

  1. He and Sessions are playing a twisted variation on “good cop, bad cop,” with Sessions pretending to be aiding and abetting the Mueller investigation precisely to give Trump an ersatz target for his ersatz tough guy routine; in other words, the whole public feud between them is a fraud, pure reality TV optics, which of course is Trump’s specialty.
  2. Sessions is an even bigger coward and smaller man than Trump is accusing him of being, since no half-respectable man would put up with this level of public degradation from his boss without simply saying, “You can shove this job where the sun don’t shine.”

For a long time, I favored option 2 at about sixty percent certainty. After all, Sessions showed himself to be an unprincipled climber without an ounce of pride when he leapt at the chance to become the first sitting senator to endorse Trump during the 2016 primaries. He sold out the conservatives he had intermittently played for votes in the name of securing a resumé-enhancing White House position for himself. (He was probably hoping for vice-president, but AG, for which he obviously out-groveled both Chris Christie and Rudy Giuliani, isn’t bad.)

At this point, however, with Sessions having been essentially rendered ineffective, and his future in the Republican Party compromised — Trump’s millions of idolaters hate his guts on their god’s orders, and the GOP establishment probably sees him as irreparably damaged goods — I have swung over to favoring option 1, namely that this is all a ruse designed to give Trump another scapegoat to blame for his own cowardice in refusing to put an end to the supposedly cooked-up, fake investigation into nothing.

By the way, look at Trump’s tweets, above. I mean really examine them. Does their tone strike you as that of a competent, confident man still in possession of his emotions? From “Lyin’ Ted” to “Crooked Hillary,” we have always known that Trump is given to bouts of psychological projection. In reading his tweets about the Mueller investigation, I am increasingly inclined to ask, in all seriousness: Who is really “scared stiff” here? Not to mention: Who is the real “lowlife”?

And “lowlife” seems to be his expression of choice these days. Here he is answering a reporter’s question about someone named Omarosa, whom he himself apparently let trail him right into the White House directly from reality television, and by whom he now feels burned as she is making nasty claims about him (shocking!):

He hired her. He promoted her. He used her to add color to his corporate roster. And now, when she becomes inconvenient to him, she is a lowlife.

For the record, I don’t doubt Trump’s assessment. This person actively sought and proudly accepted a position in Trump’s White House — that pretty much seals my assessment of her. For this is the scared stiff lowlife administration.

As the King of the Lowlifes himself would say, “I have never seen anything so Rigged in my life.”


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