Trump redefines national disgrace as “winning”

Donald Trump is now out on Twitter boasting about his incredible new “deal” with Turkey, in which Turkey gets to occupy the part of Syria she just invaded thanks to Trump’s superfluous green light, the Kurds permanently lose their territory, the Russians will end up making all the real decisions, the ISIS prisoners set free by fleeing Kurds will stay free, and the people of northern Syria who have been murdered, beheaded, driven from their homes, and forced to surrender their bit of autonomy from Assad in exchange for survival at the mercy of Assad will remain dead, headless, or homeless thanks entirely to Trump’s random act of stupidity in turning the region over to Erdogan — the random stupidity that America’s mercenary cretin has now, after combing the internet looking for some half-baked rationalization of his betrayals which he may adopt as his own, and finally found someone kooky enough to come up with such a rationalization at Conservative Treehouse (or perhaps Trump found it at American Thinker), decided to trumpet as the brilliant strategy he was employing all along.

First of all, this is just like Trump — announcing his clever psychological strategy to the whole world in real time, thereby undermining its (alleged) beneficial effects by telling his negotiating counterparts how he manipulated them. And then — even more like Trump — trying to play the magnanimous “winner” by patting everyone on the head about how “proud” he is of them.

But the part that is most of all like Trump in all of this is the reality behind his asinine rhetoric: Turkey and Russia and Syria all make big gains here, while the U.S. and the rest of the forces for freedom and peace in the world get absolutely nothing. In other words, just as with North Korea, as with China, and as always with Russia, Trump is a genius at handing America’s adversaries everything they want, while publicly peeing on America’s friends and allies in the process, and then braying about how proud he is that his adversaries were willing to accept his cowardly surrender so humbly.

Donald Trump has invented a whole new category of fraud: the boastful surrender, or the proud capitulation. Every thug on Earth eats him for lunch, getting absolutely everything they want from him merely by saying “I want this, Donald.” And then, even while still wetting his pants in fear of their threats and demands, Trump somehow has the audacity to send out a tweet shouting “I win again — sorry I had to be so strong and tough about it.”

But I know the conservative media is out there today echoing Trump’s wish fulfillment fantasy and praising him as the greatest man since Adam, because that’s what intellectually and spiritually dead groupies will do, apparently.

Is it okay if I tell everyone I won? Pretty please with sugar on top!

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