Could We Make This Any More Obvious?

Here is a new social media post from the leading candidate for Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives (and also for Chief Toilet Brush at Mar-a-Lago), in response to current events in Israel:

This is the same Congressman Jordan who, along with the rest of the MAGA sycophants, is at present running desperate interference for Vladimir Putin, hoping against hope to cut off American funding for Ukraine’s self-defense in time to save Donald Trump’s favorite Russian thug — about a million times more powerful and globally threatening than Hamas — from his justly earned humiliation in Ukraine. 

Follow the money. Follow the populist authoritarianism. Can we please, please end forever the pretense of discussing any one of these MAGA morons in any terms other than those of oligarchy, power lust, and petty self-seeking? They would happily sacrifice the large and historically beleaguered country of Ukraine, right there in the backyard of all of America’s traditional European allies, to the long-declared expansionist whims of the second most aggressive nuclear tyrant on the planet. But if a few hundred poorly-armed punks dare to attempt a suicidal assault on wealthy and nuclear-armed Israel, America’s coffers are wide open and no priority is higher. What about Ukraine’s “innocent civilians,” Jimmy? What about Ukraine’s “stockpile of missiles” for defending against incoming attacks, you hypocritical cluck, as she faces an invading force of hundreds of thousands of trained soldiers with the most advanced tanks, planes, and bombs?

Jim Jordan is almost a parody of the intrinsically self-parodical Trump movement. His cynicism and blatant lack of principle are on the fullest possible display today. Of course, his fellow idiots — all fifty or sixty million of them — will not notice, nor would they care in the least even if they did. For if Trump could shoot a man on Fifth Avenue without losing a single follower, as he himself famously boasted, then why shouldn’t his sycophants get away with disarming and holding down a few million Ukrainians for Vladimir Putin to shoot on Fifth Avenue without any of the true believers blinking? 

The stinking fumes of the rotting Trump cult are doing their own reverse take on Marx’s old dictum, aiming to repeat a farce in the form of a tragedy. Make your money, grab your power, kiss your backsides, Congressman. The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away, Jimmy — and I mean the other lord, by the way, not the one you pray to.

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