Red New Deal, Green New Deal

Donald Trump stood in front of his nation and the world during his State of the Union Address and, for the umpteenth time, boasted of his excellent relationship with the talented and wonderful communist punk Kim Jung Un.

Meanwhile, the new vanguard of the Democratic Party, in defiance of their party’s establishment enforcer, Nancy Pelosi, has boldly released Mao’s Cultural Revolution manifesto as their own agenda for the next election.

Trump has used his “bully pulpit” to do what cowards always do: talk tough where there is no risk, but sell the farm to anyone who puts up a fight. Hence, in the realm of partisan U.S. politics, which for Trump is all just a TV show, he mocks lightweight commies like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez; while on the international stage, he has spent the first two-plus years of his presidency licking the boots and kissing the ring of every communist or quasi-communist tyrant who presents a real threat: Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, and of course North Korea’s Kim.

The Democrat agenda, presented and endorsed by sitting congressmen and senators of the United States of America, stops short — barely — of calling for the extermination of all wealthy people and the reeducation or exile of their family members. In every other way, however, it is a document demanding the retrofitting of a constitutional republic to the principles and social structures of a people’s republic, replete with wild dreams of radical redistribution, complete economic transformation, and coerced universal changes in the way every individual lives his or her life, under penalty of — well, not surprisingly, they don’t go into that, but it is impossible to alter an entire society’s way of life, overwhelm all constitutional limits to the violation of property rights, and decapitate an established economic structure, without a severe and heavily enforced regimen of punishments for the non-compliant. Imprisonments, confiscations, and fines will be necessary.

Trumpublicans are touting as symbolic genius the choice of Vietnam as the site of the next episode of “Trump Bends Over and Calls it Winning.” Symbolic it is, as I have already explained. What it symbolizes, among other things, is that America no longer stands opposed on principle to communism; that America will now accept defeat against a small, Chinese-backed communist state, and then come back to beg the communists to like them; and that America’s famous Achilles’ heel, its tendency to navel-gazing and self-importance which causes a blindness to the way anyone else might be judging a situation, is all-too-perfectly embodied in the person of Donald Trump, leading to his complete capitulation to decades of Chinese and North Korean demands for East Asia, while he and his administration mouthpieces — Pompeo the Sycophant leading the pack — persuade themselves they just secured world peace. Yes, this is how communists always intended to accomplish world peace: by forcing the so-called free world into ceding everything to them, step by step. Stability is everyone’s goal; the question is what you are willing to do to achieve it. A coward is by definition a man willing to do or sacrifice anything for the sake of stability. Meet Donald Trump, peacemaker.

The Green New Deal is living proof of everything the global warming crowd has been denying with increasingly weak desperation for many years, namely that global warming is nothing but a convenient “end of the world” ruse being used to force the world closer to global totalitarian progressivism. According to this plan, which is really more of a threat or warning shot than a policy proposal, all use of fuels not approved by Al Gore (for use by anyone but himself and fellow flabby crusader Leo DiCaprio) will be banned within ten years, while “every building in America” (according to Ocasio-Cortez) will be forced to retrofit in conformity with energy efficiency standards set by the politburo. These two proposals alone would decimate the U.S. economy within five years — not to mention probably instigating a civil war if actually enforced on schedule — as anyone with the intelligence of a split pea could see. Leaving aside Ocasio-Cortez, I have no doubt that the people behind this “deal” do, at least collectively, have the intelligence of a split pea; that is, I believe they fully intend to be provocative in the sense of pushing things to a head. That is an essential mechanism of Marxist revolution. It never happens without a popular uprising, or at least one violent enough to scare a demoralized majority into submission. If ever there was a demoralized American majority ready to submit, it would be right now. And any resistance, such as it was, is now lost in a fantasy world of reality TV, talk radio, and “conservative media” internet blabber, operating on the tried and true principle of cowardice: speak loudly and carry a big white flag.

What all of this means is only what has been apparent for a long time to anyone who has the courage to face it, and will certainly not be news to anyone familiar with this writer’s political commentary over the past several years: America, as the thing it was and was meant to be, is over. Long live America.

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