Trump Back to Gun Control Again

Remember when Barack Obama posted a video, while the Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman controversy was still a national tinder box, inserting himself into the volatile situation without cause, saying that Zimmerman, the shooter, was “a bad guy”? Weren’t conservatives outraged that…oh, wait, that was Donald Trump.

Anyway, remember when Hillary Clinton exploited a mass school shooting, playing to her anti-Second Amendment constituency by demanding restrictions on the sale of firearms accessories, promising to raise the legal age for purchasing a gun, and accusing Republican lawmakers of being scared of the NRA? Well, didn’t conservatives just…oh, right, that was all Trump too.

But today, Michael Moore, that fat slob, is out there on the internet squealing, for no apparent reason, that plastic guns made with 3D printers shouldn’t be owned by private citizens, and demanding that the NRA do something about…oh, dear, I’m sorry, this one is Trump again.

“Doesn’t seem to make much sense.” What doesn’t seem to make much sense? Why doesn’t it make sense? On whose authority is Donald Trump deciding which things make sense or don’t make sense, related to issues he obviously knows nothing about, and spitting directly into the wind of constitutional rights he even more obviously knows even less about.

What doesn’t make much sense is that there are still people who call themselves American conservatives, and even claim to like the Founding Fathers, the Constitution, and all that mumbo jumbo, who support this despotically-inclined halfwit.

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