More Winning…

Beginning today, Donald Trump will take every opportunity, at his rallies and in his throne room declarations, to take full boastful credit for replacing the “worst deal ever,” NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement), with the best deal ever, USMCA (Union of Socialist Mock-Capitalism Advocates). The bill passed the U.S. Senate 90-10, which, if you are playing along at home, means the majority of Democrats (all but nine) voted for this “free trade bill.” That might cause you to wonder why, if you were a moron.

Since you are not a moron, you already know why, so I will spare you the song and dance and simply tell you the obvious: The bill was reworked by the Democrats in the House of Representatives to include all sorts of protectionist and anti-free-trade landmines, such as wage controls and environmental restrictions. (Read good assessments of the details here and here.)

The same day the Democrats added their progressive amendments, the new deal (see what I did there?) was quickly signed by all three countries, and then whipped through to a House vote within a week, without anyone having had time to take a breath and study the final version, which one of the articles linked above nicely summarizes as the “protectionist love child of the labor left and the nationalist right.”

The majority-Democratic House then passed Trump’s amazing new winning free trade deal by a vote of 385-41. Notice anything curious about that? Here’s what I notice, although I admit this isn’t my first glimpse at the fact: America is over. Gone. Dead. It’s just a geographical space now, filled with an indoctrinated, beer-soaked, entertainment-hypnotized, idol-worshipping population dumber than rocks and more compliant than North Koreans, and being poured with freshly-mixed socialism as we speak. The foundations will be hard soon. MAGA. 

Oh, and Justin Amash (House) and Pat Toomey (Senate) voted against it, because they are pretty much the only advocates of economic liberty left in American government they are NeverTrump RINO hacks who don’t believe in America and winning.

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