Taking a Break from Armageddon

When birds stop flying,
And flowers unbloom, call me —
Until then, be calm.

bore me with their mock feelings —
Distractions from life.

I have several
good reasons not to panic —
in my camera.

Here are some sights I’ve seen over the past few days, things far more meaningful in their silence and simplicity than all the incessant, breathless banter filling our lives these days with hopeless dread…fears of imaginary abysses, or real nightmares of our own creation.

Take a break, and remember that none of our breathlessness is ultimately important, because we are not ultimately important — not because we are “mere humans,” but rather, on the contrary, because we are falling so far short of our essential humanity.

Here are a few things, then, that if observed closely may inspire and challenge us precisely by not falling short of their essences.

In Limbo, but fine
Surprise guest
Staking a claim
Just the two of us
Cherry blossoms and vacant church
Ideas and reflections
Go ahead, try not to be impressed
The Thinker
Ancient truths
Showing oneself in the best light
The beauty of the everyday
Sunlight on a gloomy day
Pygmy woodpecker in a cherry tree
Pygmy woodpecker close up
Birds still fly, all is well

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