Gimme Some Money!

Donald Trump signs a two trillion dollar stimulus package, passed in bipartisan fashion at lightning speed, before anyone stops to (a) read the law, or (b) find out whether any of this “stimulus” is even needed.

And that, of course, is completely leaving aside the more fundamental question — but who worries about those anymore? — of whether the government of an ostensibly free society has any authority to forcibly shut down the national economy over a bad flu virus, and then respond to the damage caused by its own tyrannical overreach by paying off the public with a signing ceremony celebrating the single biggest and most unnecessary act of neo-Marxist redistribution in world history.

And most Americans will either cheer on this criminal act from their rulers, or complain that they are not personally getting a big enough cut of the loot. 

Coronavirus is contagious. So are greed, petty self-interest, and servile dependency.

“Drain the swamp” indeed. The official photos from Trump’s signing ceremony, with his congressional and White House Republican cronies standing behind him smiling like the cat that got the canary, ought to survive our age as a permanent record of this nadir in America’s descent.

Oh, and I see that Trump has just (superfluously) asserted his tyrannical powers to “order” General Motors, still technically a private company last time I checked, to produce ventilators.

You know what happens in your basement when the sewers get backed up under your house.

“Drain the swamp,” flood the nation.

This glorious new American law has, naturally, been given a suitably Orwellian name, “The CARES Act.” Because of course nothing says “freedom” like a population begging the government to take care of them. And because there is no greater way to show you care about someone than by gaslighting him into irrational fear, depriving him of his livelihood and his security, stealing his and his grandchildren’s money, and then giving a bit of that stolen money back to him to “help him through this difficult time.” 

And the “cared-for” will bow their heads in a subservient “Thank you” to their chosen half of the divine order (aka Washington establishment), while holding out their hands and jostling for position in line like bad-mannered children.

Strike up Slavish America’s new national anthem, ladies and gentlemen. And remember to take off your hat during the anthem — the better to beg for alms with, my dear.


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