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Coronae, Divine and Human

There is good news in everything, for all suffering will be redeemed. Among the good news in our collective death dance into tyranny, for instance, is the happy truth, revealed by stark contrast (like the sun’s corona, which appears only during a total eclipse), that our greatest follies, and the great fools who lead them, are mere ephemeral events in the cosmic cycle.

Taking a Break from Armageddon

When birds stop flying,
And flowers unbloom, call me —
Until then, be calm.

bore me with their mock feelings —
Distractions from life.
I have several
good reasons not to panic —
in my camera.

Sight, Surface, and Texture

Wisdom is one thing. It is to know the thought by which all things are steered through all things.
— Heraclitus.
At one time they are all brought together into one order by Love; at another, they are carried each in different directions by the repulsion of Strife, till they grow once more into one and are wholly subdued.
— Empedocles.

A Brief Interlude of Life

As I prepare an essay about the latest ghoulishness from the proprietors of the theme-park-cum-abattoir that offensively continues to call itself Great Britain — someone please tell be what’s “great” about it these days — I am only too happy to take a short break from my disgust, and before (hopefully) inspiring yours, to enjoy that part of the living world which has...

Weekend Reflections: Death, the Soul, the Stars

The following pictures were taken during a recent daytrip to Tongyeong, Korea, sometimes referred to as “the Naples of Korea.” As the town is highly photogenic, these pictures do not really require any comment or explanation. Instead, therefore, I have chosen to let the images comment on or explain me, as it were. The one exception is the final picture, for which I...

Upon Reading “Heart of Darkness”

Plato informs us that Socrates, awaiting execution in his prison cell, devoted some of his time to writing verse. Socrates — that supreme dialectician and debunker of the Muses, writing poetry! Recalling that for the ancient Greeks, the battle of Philosophy vs. Poetry was a prime manifestation of what we now call Reason vs. Revelation, we are startled, right there in the pages of the Phaedo, to...