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Reminders of Thought and Life

From the entry on “Bird” in Cirlot’s A Dictionary of Symbols: Every winged being is symbolic of spiritualization. The bird, according to Jung, is a beneficent animal representing spirits or angels, supernatural aid, thoughts and flights of fancy. Hindu tradition has it that birds represent the higher states of being. To quote a passage from the Upanishads: ‘Two birds, inseparable companions, inhabit the...

Sometimes I feel like this…

We are living in the proverbial “interesting times.” To say the world is in a state of flux would be absurdly generous. The world is in a state of freefall. Nothing will stop this fall now, until, inevitably, we hit the ground. And having lost the use of our wings, due to rampant materialism and generations of spiritual lockdown, we have no civilizational...

Taking a Break from Armageddon

When birds stop flying,
And flowers unbloom, call me —
Until then, be calm.

bore me with their mock feelings —
Distractions from life.
I have several
good reasons not to panic —
in my camera.

Anaxagoras’ Mind, and Birds

Anaxagoras says the world is comprised of innumerable seeds of all things, which are grouped into various proportions, these proportions determining each thing’s identity, by a whirlwind controlled by Mind. Aristotle’s own theory of the intellect is influenced by this Anaxagorean imagery, as he equates “controlled” with “known,” and Anaxagoras’ seeds with his own notion of potency (matter).  Anaxagoras believes the cosmos, qua...

Soaring Below the Surface of the Earth

In Plato’s Phaedo, Socrates, in his dying hour, describes his mind’s eye view of the Earth, as a final life lesson for his friends. The most striking feature of his remarkable quasi-mythical account is his speculation that the true surface of the Earth is not the ground we walk on, which we mistakenly call “the Earth,” but rather the upper limits of our...

Becoming part of the silence

Early twentieth century Irish nationalist Robert Wilson Lynd wrote the following very worthy, somewhat Stoic, observation: In order to see birds it is necessary to become a part of the silence. One has to sit still like a mystic and wait. One soon learns that fussing, instead of achieving things, merely prevents things from happening. To be passive is in some circumstances the...

Note to my lovely readers

As many of you know, I had surgery to repair a broken bone in my foot back at the end of January, an injury which severely curtailed one of my lifelong essential activities, walking. Well, August 9th here in Korea, I underwent Round 2 of this surgical adventure, removing the screw inserted during the first round.  As a result of my current hospitalization,...

A Brief Interlude of Life

As I prepare an essay about the latest ghoulishness from the proprietors of the theme-park-cum-abattoir that offensively continues to call itself Great Britain — someone please tell be what’s “great” about it these days — I am only too happy to take a short break from my disgust, and before (hopefully) inspiring yours, to enjoy that part of the living world which has...

Humans Cannot Fly

Socratic Mathematics

Humans cannot fly,
Unless they learn to grow wings —
Ten thousand years on.

This is the profoundest implication of the expression, “Patience is a virtue.” Can you wait, diligently preparing yourself, for one hundred centuries?