My take on Trump’s thought-provoking “Go back where you came from” reflections

Donald Trump is an idiot. We all know that, when we are not lying to ourselves. He is also a vain, megalomaniacal blowhard. We all know that, too. Furthermore, he will do or say absolutely anything that he perceives as being to his advantage at this millisecond — where “his advantage,” given that he is an idiot and a vain, megalomaniacal blowhard, typically means whatever will get more people to pay more attention to him right now. That, too, is merely what we all know, if we are being honest.

Each of these three traits would be quite disqualifying in the president of a free republic. Put the three together, and you have a recipe for Donald Trump’s latest idiotically self-defeating attempt to insert himself into a situation that, if left to play itself out without getting involved, could only have served Trump’s party well in the long run. Now, thanks to his vain desperation for all the attention, he has set his own and his party’s cause — that cause being electoral victories, power, and wealth for themselves — back several steps.

And so it is that Republicans and Trump cultists alike were reveling at the House Democratic implosion over the weekend. Nancy Pelosi criticized the divisiveness and radicalism of four new socialist congresswomen. The biggest fame whore of those four, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, then came out and implied that Pelosi was a racist old white lady for daring to criticize four “women of color.” Pelosi, who is basically AOC forty years on, fired back. Recent statements from the fame whore’s policy brain — let’s call him “some guy” — alleging Pelosi’s tacit support for racism, were publicized. Other Democrats came out in defense of Pelosi, with strongly-worded rebukes of the four new congresswomen and their commie handlers. The four horsewomen of the socialist apocalypse shot back. The Democratic Party was in disarray, mired in a delicious bout of Marxists eating their own. 

And then Trump, being Trump (i.e., all the things defined in the opening paragraph, above), found a way to make it all about him. First, it was attacking the Democrats’ chief fame whore, Ocasio-Cortez, for being disloyal and disrespectful to her leader, Speaker Pelosi. This is the exact argument he used to create the “Nobody likes Ted” mantra during the primaries, accusing Senator Cruz of being disrespectful of his “boss,” Mitch McConnell. That tactic worked so well, even up to the present day — no rebel voice was ever brought to heel more embarrassingly and permanently by personal attacks than Ted Cruz — that Trump apparently thought it was worthy of a summer rerun. (Everything, after all, being reality television for Trump.)

Then, apparently thinking he’d caused a nice little stir, Trump leapt all the way into it, with his giant Twitter thumbs and his dog whistle text filter. He told the four socialist ladies — who cannot stop prefacing every remark with reminders that they are “women of color” — to go back to the countries they came from and fix those “broken” nations before daring to tell Americans what to do. 

Well, of course, the problem with Twitter thumbs is that they don’t have brains, let alone a basic knowledge of civics. So it apparently didn’t occur to Trump, to the Sean Hannity poster he presumably asked for advice about this, or to the toilet brush next to him as he typed, that since all the women he was attacking are sitting members of the U.S. Congress, they are all U.S. citizens. Furthermore, as it turns out, to no one’s surprise, three of the four were born and raised in the U.S., meaning that they cannot “go back” to any country, even if they wanted to.

As a result, Nancy Pelosi grabbed onto the opportunity to reassert her progressive credibility by declaring that these tweets prove Trump’s goal is to “make America white again.” In other words, from being in the awkward position of having Trump take her side in the brewing civil war within her own party, she was suddenly in the position of realigning herself with her new enemies in their joint defense of minority America against the white-nationalist-friendly Republican president. 

Suddenly, thanks to Trump’s idiotic vainglorious attention-seeking, the media no longer has to cover the catastrophic public split within the Democratic Party, but is back to joining their reunited Democratic friends in a collective chorus of “Impeach the racist president.”

There is not a single worthy cause or grounds for hope in America, however grand or trivial, that Trump has not smeared with his filth in the past four years. The Republican establishment, though forced to do a lot of mopping to clean up after Donnie the Wonder RINO leaves his droppings everywhere, is still, on the whole, laughing all the way to the bank, knowing they have destroyed any kind of coherent and cohesive constitutionalist movement in America for a generation or more.

And the cult? Of course, they are certain everything Trump does is perfect and beautiful, and somehow all those droppings smell just wonderful to them.

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