Race To The Bottom

The entire world is being taught today, from kindergarten through graduate school and throughout the popular media and the mainstream commentariat, that racism is specifically, endemically, and inescapably a white tendency; that is, a mental trait essentially characteristic of those who are born white. This lesson — which the entire world is being taught today — is fundamentally and definitionally racist, if anything ever could be, since its major premise is that skin color, or rather one and only one skin color, determines not only specific beliefs, but in particular beliefs that are intrinsically and irredeemably irrational and immoral. Hence, the entire world today, or at least that portion which may be called the world’s intellectual, critical, political, and moral vanguard — the civilization’s historically defining element — is racist.

It is also undeniable and well-known that the leading thinkers and voices of today’s world — that is to say, the majority of the aforementioned vanguard, who establish and inculcate the premises and presuppositions of modern discourse, to which the bulk of the population stands as compliant and indoctrinated cannon fodder — are themselves white. Hence, it appears that white racism is indeed a peculiar historical problem after all, although not as a matter of epidermal determinism, and not in the way the mostly white vanguard wishes to frame it. 

The psychology of evil is an interesting thing, to be sure.

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