Green New Deal’s Alternative Fuel: Old Marxists

Dianne Feinstein became an unexpected recipient of approbation from many so-called conservatives this week, thanks to her response to a group of indoctrinated teenage automatons who confronted her with demands that she support the Green New Deal, combining the ignorant sloganeering of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with the unrelenting hatred of these little brats’ spiritual progenitor, Bernardine Dohrn, aka Mrs. Bill Ayers. (Take that, feminists!) 

Feinstein’s widely praised response (which you may see at the first link above) is reducible to these two key points: (a) I got elected and you didn’t, and (b) I know what I’m doing and you don’t.

In other words, she tried to stifle their idiotic radical attack by pulling rank and condescending to them, rather than actually answering any of their slogans with intellectual challenges, or, if necessary, simply advising them to stop being blind sheep for their indoctrinating educators and start taking the time to think through political questions for themselves.

This is not surprising, of course. Feinstein is a radical leftist herself, so she was not only taken aback by the aggressiveness of her attackers, but also left flat-footed in answering charges that she herself would have been making against others in a different context. 

Personally, I find the much-ballyhooed video quite appealing as a case study in a phenomenon I have often discussed, namely the cannibalistic ratchet of progressive activism. In short, Marxists eat their parents (real or spiritual), and doing so is in fact a natural survival mechanism of the species. Two things are perennially and necessarily true of progressive totalitarianism in all its forms: (1) It is supported by lies, and (2) It fails. Hence, the only way the next generation of Marxists can be pulled into the whirlwind is by being indoctrinated to the lie that the reason for the failure is that the last generation was ideologically impure and self-seeking. (This is the biggest lie of all, since of course progressivism is by definition impure and self-seeking. Listen to the rhetoric of the teenage automatons confronting Feinstein, if you have the nerve: their whole argument is nothing but infantile self-seeking, even as they accuse the old harpy of not listening to their demands.)

Given the movement’s inherent contradictions and self-refutations, fueling the rickety train of “progress” requires a never-ending supply of scapegoats and “traitors” to toss into the boiler. “The old generation failed because they weren’t true progressives like us!”

Dianne Feinstein, like every old Marxist who has outlived her usefulness, will be destroyed by the very young people she helped to foster throughout her duplicitous, power-mongering life. From a philosophical point of view, it is always a treat to see this self-devouring trait of a self-contradictory movement. 

One more thought for those Republican voters — they are not really conservatives, of course — who are praising Feinstein’s self-congratulatory and pompous response to the teenage automatons: Does anyone remember that this is the same Dianne Feinstein who led the Democrats’ gang rape of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh just a few months ago? Does anyone remember her overt lies, withheld facts, and utter lack of conscience in attempting to destroy a man’s life and reputation for no reason other than…abortion? Does anyone remember that she has long been the Democrats’ point-woman on gun control advocacy and the demonization of gun owners?

Oh yeah, that Dianne Feinstein.

“Ha! That Hitler really cracked a good joke about communism there, didn’t he?”

So-called conservatives praising Feinstein this week for such a petty reason — for her brutish attempt to intimidate brainwashed children with her “qualifications” — is exactly the kind of unprincipled, ad hoc “reaching across the aisle” that makes those with an ounce of moral integrity nauseous about the current political climate.  

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