Okay, now you can say you’ve seen everything

Here is the latest foreign policy statement from U.S. President Donald J. Trump:

“I would meet him at the Border/DMZ just to shake his hand and say Hello(?)!”

Think about the hand Trump is publicly begging for a chance to shake. Apart from being the only international leader’s hand even smaller than Trump’s — which perhaps explains his infatuation with it, and with its chubby little owner — think of what that hand has done, and is doing. Donald Trump, ignorant pipsqueak that he is, finds that hand so impressive, admirable, enviable, and superior, that he would travel to the DMZ just to touch it.

“Oh, he’s just trying to butter Kim up as part of a negotiating strategy.”

Right. Just keep telling yourself that. It must be very difficult to sustain an active and vigorous worshipfulness toward an idol who repeatedly, and ever more glaringly, exposes himself as the wee-est of wee men, the most groveling of flatterers, the most fawning admirer of thugs and tyrants — in short, a shameless sell-out and coward. If Barack Obama had spoken this way about a totalitarian communist in a private letter, let alone in a public forum, the people now in love with Trump would have been screaming “Traitor!” And they would have had good reason.

Could the United States of America possibly be more humiliatingly defeated than this? How? She is now, officially and at the highest level, a drooling sycophant for bloodlust and irrational power. And this drooling sycophancy itself has a fan club in the tens of millions.

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