Nope, no slippery slope to see here — move along!

Another day on Earth here at the penultimate moment of Everything, so one hardly has so much as an eyebrow left innocent enough to rise at this story:

Uma Louise was born at 6:06am on Monday in the Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha, weighing 2.6kg, to proud dads Matthew Eledge and husband Elliot Dougherty.

She was conceived via in vitro fertilisation, using Matthew’s sperm and eggs from Elliot’s sister, Lea Yribe.

And it was Matthew’s 61-year-old mother Cecile Reynek Eledge, who served as the gestational carrier and gave birth to Uma, helping her son and son-in-law become first-time parents.

Okay, so just to clarify, Matthew and Elliot are husband and husband, and Matthew just became a father for the first time — with his husband’s sister. Meanwhile, Matthew’s mother just bore her own son’s child — his sperm developing in her womb — while Elliot is now the co-father of his sister’s child.

In the words of the photographer who followed this foursome’s journey to normalize incest and demystify the Oedipal complex:

“Each person involved in the creation of this little girl is filled with pure love, selflessness and acceptance for one another. This is what family is.”

Apparently, this is what family is — if you are living in a surrealist’s drug fantasy. Or just here on Earth at the end of Everything.

Make that almost the end. There is one more step, of course, which is to remove the middle-men and simply allow polygamy with siblings and parent-child sexual reproduction without all the bells and whistles.

Not to worry, we’ll get there soon, and then all this will be over with at last.

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