If it looks like a schmuck…

News does not become “fake” merely because the greatest fraud in the history of a nation calls it that.

General Michael Flynn, in publicly advocating the idea that President Trump should impose martial law and employ the U.S. military to “redo” the election, is acting like a man who knows he will never again have to answer the charge of being a Russian asset, so he is free to light Vladimir Putin’s cigarettes with impunity from here on out. (Follow the above link if you want to hear one instance of his “argument.” I decided not to embed the actual video here, so as not to help a raving lunatic get his message out.)

In other words, he is in fact a Russian asset, whether he knows it or not. (I suspect he does — but of course we have it on the highest authority that my suspicion is “fake news.”)

In one four-year term, Donald Trump has taken unprecedented and completely unnecessary steps to legitimize, and widen the popular acceptance of, Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-Un, Xi Jinping, the “alt-right,” white supremacy, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, vulgar demagoguery, and the Democratic Party. During that same term, he has taken unprecedented and completely unnecessary steps to delegitimize, and disintegrate the popular appeal of, Ronald Reagan, the U.S. Constitution, civil discourse, political philosophy, conservatism, and the Tea Party. 

The only member of the United States Congress — departing representative Justin Amash — who still sounds even vaguely like a consistent advocate of individual liberty and the U.S. Constitution has been expunged from the Republican Party for his views, simply (and revealingly) because those very views happen to place him in direct conflict with the words and actions of Donald Trump. 

Who would have thought, four years ago, that in 2020 the only Republican senator who would still bear even a passing resemblance to an actual man would be Mitt Romney? Did Romney elevate himself in the face of adversity? Or has the Republican Party lowered itself to such a groveling state that a man looks taller merely by refusing to join the grovelers?

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