The 2020 United States Presidential Election

I gave this post its very formal, impressive title as a simple bit of irony. If you are an American voter, and you wish to vote for someone who might actually have a chance of winning the 2020 United States Presidential Election, you must vote for Republican Donald Trump, a lifelong world famous crap merchant, or Joe Biden, a babbling fool who has matured into a babbling old fool. If you choose Trump, America will continue its headlong demagogic flight into progressive authoritarian tyranny, and the communist mobocrats, Trump’s reality TV “opponents,” will continue their opportunistic ascent within American social life with the perfect public foil for their prairie fire rhetoric. If you choose Biden, many of those same communists will be knocking on the president’s door for government funding, and getting it.

This is not meant to sound pessimistic, and it is far from my place to tell Americans how to choose their next president, but I merely wish to point out, as I believe a true friend should do in these circumstances, that you are completely screwed.

Politically, that is. If you still have some remnant of your soul relatively intact and tucked away someplace where neither the government nor the mass media propagandists can get at it, then I suggest skipping this November’s electoral charade and heading for the hills. This is not a time for practical solutions and public debate. This is a time for personal reflection and a deeply philosophic view of life. In truth, every time is such a time, but we humans have a way of deluding ourselves into imagining we are going to get the practical stuff right “this time.” This delusion typically increases to a fever pitch of near-certainty immediately before the hammer falls and our proudest edifices crumble to reveal the meagre, but nevertheless precious, nugget of human truth that was long hidden within — so well hidden that we completely forgot about it, just as men have done, repeatedly and consistently, for as long as there have been men.

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