Lies, Damned Lies, and Trumpspeak

To continue a theme of recent days, it turns out that Donald Trump never really “pulled out” of the Paris Climate Accord, as he boasted, but was merely looking for a “better deal” for Americans as a condition for “rejoining” the agreement (as if you can rejoin what has never been put asunder). In other words, Trump lied.

Let’s have a quick recap of some of the recent realities of Trumpworld, set against the campaign unrealities of Trumpspeak.

When Trump said “The Wall” and “deport,” it turns out he meant amnesty for illegal aliens.

When Trump said “Repeal and Replace” and “ObamaCare is a disaster,” it turns out he meant government-regulated health care should become entrenched in the GOP platform under a new name.

When Trump said the Paris Climate Accord was a bad deal, it turns out he merely intended to “improve” the details of this global redistribution fraud.

When Trump said he would cut taxes, it turns out he intended to make taxation even more progressive by forcing the wealthy to pay more.

When Trump said he would put Hillary Clinton behind bars, it turns out he meant his old friend had “suffered enough” and he would never do anything to “harm” her.

And “draining the swamp”? Oh, it turns out that meant campaigning to support Mitch McConnell’s chosen RINO lackey Luther Strange in Alabama, just as he has long supported and campaigned for McConnell himself, and just as he selected McConnell’s wife for his cabinet.

Mark Twain, noting how beguiled he can be by figures, particularly those of his own arranging, echoes a quip attributed to Benjamin Disraeli regarding the three powers of deception: “lies, damned lies, and statistics.” Well, Donald Trump isn’t clever enough to beguile with figures, so he’s simplified the categories for you: lies, damned lies, and Trumpspeak.

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