The Junction of Virtue Signaling and Death

The United States Congress, a de facto communist front group pretending to be “the people’s house,” just sanctified, and the United States of The Struggle Against America’s Systemic Racism just celebrated, something called “Juneteenth” — suitably, a made-up word for a made-up holiday. Or rather “holiday,” since there is nothing holy going on here.

If irony meant what today’s public school English teachers say it means (which it doesn’t, because today’s public school English teachers are frequently illiterate, and uniformly unthinking), this would be an excellent opportunity to say, “Oh, the irony of it all!” 

America’s slave masters manufacture a virtue signaling day to celebrate a fairytale of Emancipation Past, even as they fasten the final chains on every single human being in Slavery Present. And the newly enslaved lap it up — the left with whoops of trumped up anger and the right with self-satisfied swagger over the party affiliation of the man who signed the mythical emancipation that has no bearing on the enslavement happening in the real world right now.

This is exactly analogous to the Soviet communist party creating a holiday to commemorate the end of an oppressive law from the Tsarist period. “How dare they?” the free West would have said. Does anyone even remember what the term “the free West” meant?

Juneteenth: a permanent flag waving its ersatz truth that the US is a systemically racist nation, a flag which will be used by the socialized sheep and their leaders as a perennial “reminder of how much is left to be done in dismantling the oppressive structures of white America.” In other words, in spite of all the desperate attempts of “conservatives” and “libertarians” to appear hip and up to date by supporting this nonsense, “Juneteenth” will always be portrayed as commemorating the Emancipation Proclamation not as the last step in ending a national tragedy, but rather as the first step in ending the ongoing tragedy of white privilege. 

The fact that almost everyone in Congress voted for this holiday is itself revealing of both the cynicism of the ruling class and the moral and intellectual vacuity of the ruled. A burgeoning and aggressively infectious slave state celebrates the dismantling of its previous slave system. A sick joke.

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