Catholic Magazine Unendorses Kavanaugh

From the news headlines at (MSN = Marxist-Soft Network), I find this wonderful tidbit:

The leading Catholic magazine America, which has been published since 1909, revoked its endorsement of Kavanaugh after yesterday’s hearing. The editorial board said the sexual assault allegations brought against Kavanaugh by Christine Blasey Ford and others should be investigated further, and urged the president to put forward another judge without such baggage.

A Catholic publication — and one published since 1909, don’t you know! — is unendorsing the U.S. Supreme Court nomination of Catholic judge Brett Kavanaugh, because they feel the sexual assault allegations against him have not been sufficiently investigated, and therefore feel uncomfortable with him in such a responsible position.

Let me repeat that: A voice claiming to represent the Catholic Church in America is objecting to a political appointment on the grounds that a man accused of behaving in a sexually belligerent manner as a teenager thirty-six years ago may not be fit to serve. 

(Insert your own snide comment here)

To paraphrase Guy Lombardo: “Enjoy yourselves, Catholic moralizers, it’s later than you think.”


I took a moment to scroll down the page on the editors’ post revoking their Kavanaugh endorsement, where I perused the site’s links to its “Latest” articles, and found:

An article “arguing” that suicidal thoughts cannot be solved through faith, prayer, and time, but only or primarily through modern psychiatry, including “medication.”

An article praising the “faith leaders” at the United Nations who demand that wealthy Western countries accept more Islamic refugees more freely, and stop worrying about bugaboos like completely altering their societies through mass immigration, importing masses of poor and poorly-educated social and financial burdens, violent crime waves among these refugee communities — and of course the anti-Christian demographic shift such mass Islamic migration inevitably causes.

An article extolling “female empowerment” and “progressivism” in Little Women.

An article extolling a TV cartoon sitcom called “Bob’s Burgers,” of which the reviewer claims to be a “fanatic” who has seen every episode at least three times.

I click over to America’s “Politics & Society” page, where I see the featured articles include a call to “end prison slavery,” featuring a graphic clearly representing blacks and Hispanics as the “slaves” in question; praise for “Canada’s ‘antifa'” movement; and advice for how the Catholic Church could “bridge the divide” between protesters and Daniel Ortega’s Marxist-Leninist (but rhetorically pro-Catholic) government in Nicaragua. 

Deep thinking over there at America: The Jesuit Review.

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